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August 2016

Quick Update – We’re on the road!

We've picked up the trailer and taken off! Here's a few photos


Meanwhile in 1995

The blog name is a tribute to the model of our Lance Travel Trailer. Here's a quick tribute to the year 1995. In 1995: Sarah and Dylan were 9 years old Michael Jordan returned to the NBA, ending his retirement.... Continue Reading →

Life in the slow lane

In two weeks we are leaving the bay area, picking up a trailer and headed out. In preparation, on my last few site visits, I've been renting larger vehicles (Jeep/ CRV) through zipcar.  The goal is to get use to the... Continue Reading →

We bought a trailer!… Almost ;)

Sarah's parents decided to come to town one last time to visit us in San Francisco before we leave. We drove down to go see the our trailer (that we have a deposit on) to evaluate how it looked. Our... Continue Reading →

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