Moab, UT was a great (but slightly touristy) town right outside of two stunning National Parks: Arches and Canyonlands (Island in the Sky). We stayed at (yes, another) RV Park as we found it quiet challenging to reserve spots inside of the NP (super busy and fill up months in advance). The first day we had some service done on our truck at Moab Chevy. My dad (our amazingly helpful car + RV specialist) recommended to change transmission and rear end fluids since we have been pretty much straight towing for our first 2,000 miles. The dealer was easy to schedule service and walking distance from town (the best part).  We dropped off our truck around 8:30am and went straight to the Moab visitors center for in depth info on all hikes, off roading and biking options in the area. I also spotted Moab Yoga across the street (ended up taking a class there the next morning, very small simple studio, great instructor, a little pricey… paid $15 for a drop in which was similar to my favorite studio in SF). Still waiting on our truck, we had quick lunch wraps from Wake and Bake. The restaurant had a HUGE menu and supposed to be a pretty good breakfast spot in the area.

IMG_3698 1 copy.jpg
Close quarters at Moab RV but convenient location + nice facilities

Around noon we picked up our truck and decided to go off-roading! Not sure it was the best idea after just changing the fluids but the dirt roads were a callin’. Options are really unlimited in the area, we choose Chicken Corners (for the fact that it follows the Colorado River at points andddd for its’ name which came from guides telling “chickens” to walk across the road in some really narrow sections rather than drive… I don’t think we actually ever made it to that point :).

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After an afternoon full of shaking (from the uneven road and narrow sections) we went on a quick sunset hike in the Windows section of Arches NP. It was a short walk to four arches that our pictures do not even begin to showcase.


2x arch!


Another spectacular arch (and one to think about visiting at sunset/rise) is Delicate Arch. This one is more of a trek but a must do!


Hi from Delicate Arch at sunset


After a few days we traveled north to another RV Park (actually owned by the same folks as our previous RV Park which is only about 30 minutes away). Archview was a little more convenient for day trips into the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands. We were all set to do some of the more strenuous hikes in this area but the lady at the visitor center suggested to pass as most of the trails are not well kept and drop straight into the canyon with limited rewards. So… we hiked the White Rim Trail… a little busy (I think there was at least one tour bus) but beautiful! The farther you go, the less ppl (whoop whoop!). List of hikes here.

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Also suggested is the short (three miles ish) and minimally trekked hike to Corona Arch. This technically lies outside of both NP which makes it a “less desirable destination” but ended up being one of our favorite hikes in the area! Start an hour or so prior to sunset and be prepared to walk back with a headlamp.

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Bring a beer (maybe a Corona) and stay a while

If you are in need of more photos (you don’t need a FB account to view):

Chicken Corners – Off Road

Double Arch and The Windows Arches

Delicate Arch