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October 2016

CO Springs + Loveland + Golden

Our original plan was to travel from Durango, CO straight to New Mexico but Colorado offered too many pros for us to leave early so... our next stops included CO Springs, Loveland (about an hour N of Denver) and Golden, CO (right outside of... Continue Reading →


Family recharge in Durango

October is known as "leaf season" in Durango, CO and it is spectacular! The town and surrounding areas are painted a deep green with patches of fiery yellow from the changing aspens. Our first few days in Durango were spent in our... Continue Reading →

Time for a change of scenery → Lake Powell, AZ

Interested in a change of scenery (a blue lake... not red sandstone), we headed east to Lake Powell near Page, AZ. The Lake (advertised as "Fake Lake, Real Fun") was created by the Glen Canyon Dam which was built in the 1950's ish to... Continue Reading →

צִיוֹן (Zion)

We pulled into one of the most impressive parks of the Southwest's "Grand Circle" in yet another rainstorm. Moving cautiously through the reddish and tan-colored Navajo Sandstone canyon dripping with water only added to the unbelievable formations we were seeing around every turn. ... Continue Reading →

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