Interested in a change of scenery (a blue lake… not red sandstone), we headed east to Lake Powell near Page, AZ. The Lake (advertised as “Fake Lake, Real Fun“) was created by the Glen Canyon Dam which was built in the 1950’s ish to ensure an equitable distribution of water between the states of the Upper Colorado River Basin (Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah) and the Lower Basin (California, Nevada and Arizona). Unfortunately the Dam has really ruined the ecosystem in CO River downstream, probably lost more water to evaporation/leaking then if left untouched and clearly costed folks big $. Opposingly, before the dam there was no Page, AZ or Lake Powell where now thousands and thousands visit to fish, boat, kayak and swim.  Yup, still just a TAD controversial… but super interesting to us and apparently Patagonia who made a documentary on the Dam a few years back. So, stop reading and watch the trailer NOW.

After watching, I am sure you are inspired to check out every dam in the U.S like us…tune in (maybe next year/after winter) when we make it to South/North Dakota to explore the Oahe and Garrison Dams.

Back to Page, AZ… we stayed at Wahweap RV & Campground which felt pretty fancy/resort-y to us but was a nice change of pace. The place is huge…Loop C was great (up on a hill with lake views)!

Views from spot C-05

Super fun activities in the area:

  •  Antelope Canyon (there is an upper and lower canyon, we opted for lower)- 20 ish min drive from Wahweap (you will cross the Glen Canyon Dam, get excited)! Canyon was unlike anything we had ever seen – a little pricey ($25ish/person) and touristy but if you enjoy photography this is a must do.
  •  Horseshoe Bend – 20 ish min drive from Wahweap (offers another Dam crossing 🙂 This one is free (our fav) and offers another unreal illustration of nature at its finest. Expect crowds… if you are interested in going at sunrise/sunset, check calendar here.


Bend in CO River

We also spent one afternoon taking in the desert lake life. Lake temp = 73°!

Dylan chillin @ Wahweap Beach, Lake Powell