We really enjoyed Flag (Flagstaff) even though it was smaller (maybe about 70k ppl, with a large percentage of that population coming from Northern Arizona University) and colder than we thought. Apparently it snows an average of 100 inches per year which makes it one of the snowiest incorporated cities in the U.S. Aye vey (being from FL anything more than 0 inches is more than optimal). However… The locals were outdoorsy and kind, the food yummy and the beer pretty decent.

Hiking/Running/Frisbee Golf/Yoga:

  • Inner Basin Trail – 4 to 6 mi aspen hike (depending how far in you go) into Lockett Meadow amongst the San Francisco Peaks.
  • Lava River Cave – 1 mi lava tube hike, a little unsettling for me but very unique experience. Wear a headlamp and bring a flashlight (and extra layers, the cave is 40º).
  • Humphreys Summit Trail – 11 mi strenuous hike to the tallest peak in the area… hike on a clear day and see the Grand Canyon!
  • Fat Man’s Loop –  beautiful 2.5 mi hike with nice views and little elevation gain. If you want to add more, head up to Elden Lookout Trail for a 5.2 mi RT hike with close to 2,000′ of elevation gain.
  • Buffalo Park – offers a beautiful 2 mi loop trail on an open mesa top for runners/walkers. There are also several trails connected to the main loop for those who want more milage.
  • McPherson’s Frisbee Golf Course – awesome wooded 18 hole disc golf course very close to town.
  • Northern Arizona Yoga Center – beautiful old studio (building is close to 100 years old) with a massive skylight in the center. $15 drop in is pricey but “Flow” with Malisa on Tuesday mornings will be filled with locals dancing and stretching to energetic music and undeniably leave you with a better outlook on the day.
Inner Basin Trail
Trying to embrace snow…ymmmm


Cave time!


Running in beautiful Buffalo Park
Tossing into the woods



  • Pato Thai – nothing fancy, just good thai staples for a decent price.
  • Pizzicletta – delicious and quant Neapolitan-style pizzeria. Best part… right next to Mother Road Brewery. You can dine in or order to the brewery nextdoor.
  • Mother Road Brewery – So good and a must visit! Try their Mother Road Lost Highway (Black IPA) and if you like it, ask for a small taste of their Barrel Aged Lost Highway (same beer but aged for 8 months in Bourbon and Malt Whiskey barrels). More from their “about us section” –  The Mother Road was the moniker given to U.S. Highway 66 by Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck, as he shared the story of the fictional Joad family, who traveled the road in hopes of trading desperation and heartache for hope and new beginnings. The Mother Road Brewery now resides along a lost portion of the storied highway, symbolizing both the journey we’ve made and our passion for craft beer, motoring and history.
  • Historic Brewing Co – Funky good brews. Favs included Joy Rye’d and The Beer Lord. Visit the taproom by bike and get $1 off pints 🙂
  • Wanderlust – Smaller brewery with Belgian-y style beers, known for their 928 Farmhouse Ale, nice views of San Francisco Peaks from the tables outside.
  • Dark Sky Brewery – One of the newest breweries in Flag where creativity in king… they brewed over 100 beers in one year, think Bear Jaw Cherry Amber, Jalapeno Pale Ale, Chocolate Falls Wheat Ale, Lemon Drop Saison… yada yada yada. They have a great food truck onsite with salads, tacos and nachos.
Wanderlust Brewery = dogs at the bar (yah!)