So, moochdocking… it’s not quite boondocking (no hook ups) on BLM land, or Waldocking (staying the night for free in a Walmart parking lot) but rather parking your rig for a night (or 7) in a friend’s backyard/driveway. We were lucky enough to have the most amazing tour guides (and moochdocking hosts) in Tucson… Leah and Danny Bogen! Leah and Danny lived two apartments up the hill from us in San Francisco and have been killing it in Tucson for the past three years. Their house happened to have the “perfect” spot for the Lance (and by perfect I mean it took us over an hour to park our big lady).


After our stressful, almost tear jerking parking experience we headed to downtown Tucson to meet up with Leah and Danny (and for a much needed beer at Pueblo Vida Brewing).

Bavarian Heff + Northwest IPA


Day 2 was spent on bikes in the sunshine! We explored the Univeristy of Arizona campus before heading to Tucson’s Historic 4th Ave Street Fair which only happens twice per year, December and March. We grabbed a bite at Ermanos – great HH everyday and delicous grub!


Day 3 made us feel like we were native Tucsonans.



The next next few days we continued to explore the area sadly without our fantastic hosts (they had to work…in an office or something…).One day we hiked to Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon (protip: to avoid shadows on the falls plan to arrive before 2pm), the next day we explored the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (the raptor show is a must see)!

7 Falls Hike
More views from 7 Falls Hike
Desert Museum
Beautiful lookout from one of the Museum walks
Barn Owl @ the Raptor Show
Harris’s Hawk

Other top food/drink pics: